Saturday, December 12, 2015

A year ago: a food diary

It's been a year since I went on a limb and asked a good-looking, funny guy out in a haiku. And although I know he's hoping I'm going to do a big, mushy "Oh snufflewufflekins, how I love you so" post (despite his insistence that he would never want it), I just can't seem to put to words how great it is. I've finally found that one that, no matter how bad the day is going, I find myself smiling like an idiot when I see his name come up on my caller ID.

Therefore, I'm going to let the meal from that evening speak for me...

Our sparkling

Fried green tomatoes

Pork belly ravioli

Diver's scallops

Cod with a little lobster

Plantain gnocci with black beans

Strawberry shortcake with rubarb

Meyer lemon beignets with tequila ice-cream

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